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Changes Push > iOS SERVER

  • Updates Apple push API to HTTP/2 php-curl supporting HTTP/2 is required check this documentation page. Push > iOS APP REPUBLICATION
  • Improves iOS push notifications when app is in foreground, users will now get a regular notification with sound. Modules Previewer > Android / iOS APP REPUBLICATION
  • Fixes broken assets paths for the previewer module.

--------------- AND ---------------

Changes Editor > Forgot password

  • Adds logo & signature on the forgot password e-mails, also uses the whitelabel settings when configured. HTTP/2 Test for php-curl
  • Improves the HTTP/2 test performed with php-curl extension.
  • Adds a cli command ./cli test:http2 to check the cron command. Fixes Push SERVER
  • Fixes standalone push missing APP_ID in some cases with external modules. Apps > Button link, sms, tel IOS REPUBLICATION
  • Fixes some button & links not correctly opening inside custom page, and few other features. Google Chrome
  • Fixes a CSS issue occurring after latest Google Chrome update, that caused editor blocks to have lot of blank space. MomentJS locales
  • Adds missing MomentJS locales on the editor, causing app overview to not translate dates properly. Deprecations Facebook > General
  • Disables the facebook feature due to incompatible recent APi changes & requirements.
  • Removes facebook option from the Media gallery choices

--------------- AND ---------------

Changes Feature > Social wall REPUBLICATION

Adds a new post share option. Apps > Social sharing REPUBLICATION

  • Improves social sharing library and allows to share from webapp. Apps > My account REPUBLICATION
  • Improves loyalty program & stripe credit card information design, to match latest UI changes. Roles > ACL
  • Adds ACL for Templates under user roles.
  • Adds ACL for Layouts under user roles. Backoffice > Editor > Users
  • Adds the user role in the list. Backoffice > Manage > Applications
  • Removes the now empty User information section.
  • Fills the Application owner with the correct user information. Backoffice > Advanced > Modules
  • Shows the enable action action all the time, and not only when under development.
  • Allows to disable layouts & templates like modules. Restore app sources
  • Improves chmod and download priorities.
  • Adds more logging during restore to help debugging. Fixes Cron scheduler > SSL/HTTPS renew
  • Improves the renew scheduler to prevent date skip in case of previous failure. App > Contact iOS REPUBLICATION
  • Fixes contact phone button not working. Deprecations Facebook > Login
  • Removes facebook login option from My account (no longer working).

--------------- AND ---------------

Changes Apps > AdMob|iOS REPUBLICATION

  • Adds the App Tracking Transparency dialog to match latest Apple requirements. Feature > Places
  • Reducing default map zoom from 10 to 8.
  • Adds a default zoom option to override the new default value. Fixes Feature > Places
  • Fixes the place title never updated inside app. Feature > Social wall
  • Fixes double a href / links double encoding leading to incorrect external URI links. Editor > MomentJS|Dates
  • Fixes momentjs library loading to preload the correct locale when available. Improvements Modules icons DEVELOPERS

Module installer now allows for colored icons.


colorize: false is used to prevent icon to be colorized (flat) like regular icons.

--------------- AND ---------------

Changes Apps > AdMob|iOS REPUBLICATION

  • Updates AdMob SDK to match latest Apple requirements. Backoffice > Installer > Modules
  • Allows installer to accept modules with .sib extension.
  • Note: this implementation intend to prevent downloaded archives to break or be corrupted. Fixes Feature > Push iOS / Android
  • Fixes random push payload that never reached phones. Apps > Layout 3 Full
  • Fixes the layout CSS to make it completely responsive, and preserve the square buttons. Feature > Custom page, Places, Inbox
  • Fixes mailto: mail buttons not correctly opening. Improvements Feature > Social wall
  • Allows to create new post with only images from editor.
  • Allows to create new post with only images from app. REPUBLICATION Feature > My account
  • Adds a new action to delete user account, user can access it in My account > Settings.
  • Templates DEVELOPERS
  • Allows embedded icons.
  • Allows to insert the same feature multiple times



Major changes Apps > iOS/Android

Updates AdMob to the latest SDK:

  • Using WKWebView for iOS (UIWebView was previously used).
  • Removed all global AdMob settings in backoffice & plans.
  • Due to changes in AdMob SDK, you must now use app settings only.
  • Allows app admin to enable Test ads during development/build stage to prevent any abusive and/or mis-click on live apps.
  • Adding ads tracking consent modal for iOS 14+ devices.
  • Increased native version to 19 to prevent unwanted native updates.
  • Fixes incorrect native version, not preventing app to auto-update in background when enabled.
  • Removes disable lock updates from the editor, now only available in the backoffice.
  • Enforces lock updates on all applications by default, option must be opted in from the backoffice now
  • Definitively removes AutoUpdate code as it's no longer in use since latest major updates.
  • Updates Firebase & push codebase to meet latest requirements for Android 9+ & iOS 14+.
  • Patching unexpected logout of applications. @Migastone contribution

Note: in order for AdMob to work, apps/sources now require the AdMob app identifier for every application.

Apps > iOS 14+

  • Fixes iOS viewport not fitting whole screen on app start on iOS 14+.

Apps > iOS without AdMob

  • Fixes restore app sources not correctly working for iOS without AdMob ios-noads.

Modules deprecation

  • Complete removal of Folder v1 & Wordpress v1 support inside apps & editor.

Backoffice > Applications > Android

  • Adds an action to download the current keystore.
  • Adds a keystore uploader for pks or pfx along with the store password & alias.
  • Improves the PFX import by automatically reading the alias.
  • Shows a warning if the google-services.json file for Firebase is outdated and requires an update.

Backoffice > General

  • Shows a warning when you are running a known unstable version of Siberian, with instructions & a link to the release notes.

Forms Developers

  • Improves support for FileInput inside forms & editor.

Web application firewall (WAF) Critical

  • Fixes false positive when empty/hidden files are uploaded through forms on editor & backoffice affecting many features.

Improvements Modules > My account

  • My account modals now uses same back icon as set in the application.

Modules > Contact

  • Adds an option to hide the locate button/action.

Modules > Places

  • Adds an option to hide a location on the map.

Modules > Event/Calendar

  • Adds an action to duplicate a custom event.
  • Makes end date/time optional, leaving fields blank will remove them from app.

Modules > Places

  • Optimization of the map loading, now loads only the places visible on the map boundaries instead of all places previously.
  • Adds a default map loading location to fallback when GPS is not available on the user's device.

New Modules

  • Backoffice > APK generator service > Android App Bundle Testing.
    The APK service now builds both Android App Bundle (.aab) & APK, both are uploaded & available using the remote service only.

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